Five Minute Friday: Connect

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Joining Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday

Write for 5 minutes flat ā€“ no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

Today’s Prompt: Connect


It feels strange. To feel connected to two children who do not yet (and may not ever) belong to me. We have visited 3 times. Their future is uncertain. And yet my heart is connected to them with some unseen tie, even though they have no idea that I could one day be their mother. The two extra seats in the van seem empty. I calculate how much food to make for two more. I hear the echoes of their chatter and laughter. I feel the phantom pressure of their little arms squeezing me tight. I pray for them every night before sleep over takes me. I feel the urge at least once a day to call their foster mother just to hear how they are doing.

I do not know their future. I feel them in my heart and know that regardless of whether they are “my” children or not I will always be connected to them. Praying for them, loving them whether they are in my house or not.


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