Five Minute Friday: Wide

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Write for 5 minutes no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Link up to the community over with Lisa-Jo Baker and encourage other 5 Minute Friday writers.

This weeks prompt: Wide


Arms wide. Hearts wide. Eyes wide.

All these things as we wait.

Living wide and open to what may come brings a sensitivity that I had not imagined. A feeling of being scraped along the edges. Or maybe gauged in the heart? A feeling that things are too bright or too loud or too meaningful or too fleeting.  Sometimes the sensitivity is good. A stirring of the heart. A deeper knowledge of God’s presence. A certain understanding of utter dependence on Him. Sometimes the sensitivity is not so good. Irritability. Impatience. Immobility.

Some days I just want to shut it all down. Shutter the windows of my soul. Fold up my arms and close up my heart. Focus my eyes on me and forget about the rest.

I sit in the midst of a class of antsy 3 and 4 year olds. Some of them are dirty. Some of them do not know how to eat at a table. Some of them cannot sit still no matter how hard they try. Some of them struggle to speak words. All of them craving love and attention, even if just for one hour a week.  One of them slowly positions himself at my side. He looks deep into my eyes, a question in his. Do I care about him? He rests his head in my lap. And I feel the doors of my heart opening wide again.



3 responses

  1. I am right with you in the “too” this and “too” that place. The scraping and gouging… yes, so beautifully written. That our hearts would continue to open wide to the questioning young eyes. Thank you.

  2. This is beautiful! You describe so well the times all God’s children go through – times of being open to what He wants, and the struggle not to shut down and focus on ourselves.

    How beautiful that the children you work with sense that you are “wide open” to giving them attention! How needed!

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