You never know how children will come to you

This week I read The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. It is a beautiful book and I highly recommend. However, there was a line that made me catch my breath. The main character has one son, but dreams of having a daughter. Her friend, who has many sons and a daughter says to her, “You never know how children will come to you.” (Those may not be the exact words, I have already returned the book and forgot to write down the exact quote, but you get the idea.) And sure enough, later in the book her friend dies and leaves the care of her daughter to the main character.

I thought this was beautiful and profound because it reflects the way my thoughts have been going the past few years. We will not biologically have more children. I truly have this sense that our family is not complete. However, “having more children” does not necessarily mean that we will permanently add them to our family.

“You never know how children will come to you.”

– I volunteer on Thursday nights at a ministry for kids from at-risk areas. Every week a gaggle of 3 and 4yr olds, many desperate for any kind of attention, gather round me and I have an opportunity to mother them.

– Our church is exploding with young ones. Many of my friends have ones who are littler than mine. I try to make them feel welcome in my home. I try to love on them and build relationships with them. My friends and I joke about how I will be the “aunt” that their teenage daughters come to and talk to when they feel like they can’t talk the their parents. In loving my friends kids I mother them.

– I have a niece and a nephew and a new one on the way. I watch my boys play with their cousins. I see their connection. In being an intentional aunt I mother them.

Today we wait for news about a 2 year old who may be placed with us. We were given today as the day we would get the answer, but who knows with DFCS, we may never hear anything at all. We are heading off to a pumpkin farm with our homeschool group. My friend just had her third baby so I offered to take her other two with us. My kids and her kids are like brothers and sisters. They play and fight and love on each other. My friend’s 2 yr old girl has always had a special connection with me and I love spending time with her. Today I will mother them.

I guess it’s true. You never know when children will come to you.


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