Five Minute Friday: Stay

Joining Lisa-Jo Baker at The Gypsy Mama again for 5 Minute Friday. Five minutes to write – no over thinking, no editing. Go check it out.


Last night a status from a friend blinked up on my Facebook feed, “Just remembered how much I like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” courtesy of Reality Bites. You’re welcome. “You say…..I only hear what I want to….” That was all it took to start me down a rabbit trail of memories. College days with roommates. Us cranking up the volume on the radio and dancing wild when we were supposed to be studying for finals. One friend who could never get the words right and didn’t even try. Driving down the mountain, headed out for Thanksgiving break with the windows down, crisp mountain air pouring in, and our voices being sucked out and away.

Those days are long gone. I no longer pull giggling all-nighters or eat whatever I want without consequence or have a crush on a different boy every week. I can no longer just load up some stuff in a back pack at the last minute and head out in a car full of friends for adventures and destinations unknown. I hope that I no longer judge as harshly or act as selfishly or think that I know the answers to everything.

This life I have settled in to would probably look boring and thankless to my college aged self. It was nice to have a little reminder though, that even in the midst of another day in yoga pants and sweeping floors and folding laundry and refereeing yet another sibling spat I can still choose to crank up the radio, sing loud, and dance crazy! That part of myself has stayed.



3 responses

  1. Oh my, yes! We must’ve have been in college around the same time. 🙂 My mind as awash with The Cranberries and Allanis Morresette now. hehe

    I, too, am glad to be where I am; and thankful for that giddy college girl who got me here.

  2. I just giggled at how quickly I, too, was able to go down a rabbit hole of memories at the mention of “Stay” by Lisa Loeb. Thank you for capturing so vividly what it was like to be footloose and fancy free (oh – my! that sounds so dated!) and how some parts of our selves stay for the long haul.

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