Music, since I have no words

I have been meaning to write here.  But there are so many thoughts swirling in my head, and deep work that God is doing in my heart, that it is hard to know where to begin. Then last week I spent most of the week in bed with with a bad cold. We had a busy weekend and I dragged myself out and about. We had made plans with friends to go to a Future of Forestry concert on Sunday night and I almost canceled because I was so tired. I am so glad that we went anyway. It was more than a concert, it was soul nourishing.  Music can minister to me in very deep and meaningful ways and last night was a gift.

So today, since I can’t seem to find words to write here, enjoy this version of their song Slow Your Breath Down. This song…not sure what it is about it but last night as I stood and let the music and words wash over me I felt deep peace.

This chest is full of memories
Of gold and silver tears
I’ll give you more to own than
All of this
And I’ll give you more than years
For you were once a child of innocence
And I see you just the same
Your burdens couldn’t win or
Lose a thing
Oh, I’d tell you once again
But you’re always on the run
Slow your breath down
Just take it slow
Find your heart now, oh
You can trust and love again
Slow your breath down, just take it slow
Find your smile now, oh
You can trust and love again

If you leave I’ll still be close to you
When all your fears rain down
I’ll take you back a thousand times again
I’ll take you as my own
I would sing you songs of innocence
‘Til the light of morning comes
‘Til the rays of gold and honey cover you
In the sweetness of the dawn
But you’re always on the run

You’re not alone
You’re now a part of me
You feel the cure
I’ll feel the toil it brought you


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