a bit discouraging

After a week of feeling much better and more like myself I was hit again with my “mystery illness” on Thursday night. And this time it was really discouraging. It is discouraging to feel exhausted all the time, to not have any interest in anything, to feel nauseous constantly, to wonder if tomorrow will bring any change, to wonder if this is physical or psychological or maybe a bit of both.

It is looking less likely that I will have a quick solution or explanation for this illness. So how do I have love and grace even when I feel so discouraged and unlike myself?

– I pace myself and let go of the bulk of my “to-do” list.

– I give myself time and margin to take things slow and get rest when I need it.

– I control my tongue, even when I want to spew in frustration.

– I apologize when I don’t control my tongue.

– I find ways to continue to engage and enjoy my kids even with my lack of energy – stories on the couch, games, movies together, plenty of extra snuggle time.

– I praise my kids for the extra independence they are showing and the ways they help.

– I follow up with my doctor.

– I schedule an appointment with a counselor.

– I thank my husband for all the ways he is picking up my slack and serving all of us so faithfully and unselfishly.

– I call a friend and let myself cry when I am feeling discouraged.

– I give myself grace to just let things be and enjoy each moment as it comes.


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