7 experiment: Clothes

The February food fast ended up being a bust for me. For most of the month it was a struggle for me to eat much of anything. Which I guess taught me a lot even though I didn’t follow the fast the way I had intended.  So now we are in to March and the next challenge/fast – clothing. In chapter 2 of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess , Jen Hatmaker explores issues of image, pride, and waste by choosing only 7 items of clothing to wear for 30 days.

About 2 years ago I did a drastic minimization of my wardrobe with the help/inspiration of Project 333. Through that process  my approach to clothing has changed. While I assume this will be one of the easier fasts for me I know that I still have much to learn.

7 clothes 002

Here are my 7 items for March: 1.  jeans
2.  grey khaki pants
3. grey denim skirt
4. long sleeved black shirt
5. long sleeved red shirt
6. blue flowered button-up shirt (not pictured because it was in the dirty clothes)
7. black boots & sneakers

Note: The black corduroy jacket will be the jacket I wear if it is cold, which it still can be where I live.  I will wear only 1 pair of pj’s. I do have a hoodie sweatshirt that I wear around the house because we keep our heat very low. I will wear my wedding ring and pearl earrings as my only accessories.

While I assumed this would be an easy month for me I did have some struggle in choosing the items I was going to wear. I kept thinking, “But what if?” and finally had to just make myself commit. Even the choosing revealed a certain level of pride and concern of what others would think.

The other decision that I made was that I would not give anyone any explanations or justification of why they may see me wearing the same thing unless they specifically ask. The fact that this was a decision that I had to consciously make reveals two things. First, it would be easy to be very self-righteous and prideful. “Look at what I am doing! Look how holy I am! Look at what I am willing to give up!” Second, that I care very deeply what other people think of me.

So here I go, 7 items of clothing for the month of March!


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