7 Experiment: Possessions & Generosity

The 7 Experiment has been continuing. I have lots of thoughts about lasts months clothes challenge, but I can’t seem to corral them all into a coherent post. I am working on it though, so it may appear randomly in some other month. This month, April, is the month of “possessions.” The purpose being to get rid of 7 items a day or 210 items for the month.

True confession: This is a piece of cake for me. I love simplicity in my surroundings. I dislike clutter. I am constantly editing our possessions and have a permanent “Goodwill bucket” in our mudroom that I frequently throw stuff in.

True confession: I rarely give when it really costs something to give.

It is easy for me to get rid of stuff and give out of our abundance. We have lots of stuff. I can easily give away 210 items this month and not blink an eye.

As I was thinking about all this I remembered a conversation that happened this summer that stunned me.  We were in the initial stages of considering the placement of a sibling group of two. We had started visiting and even dreaming about adding them to our family, even though all the legal wrinkles hadn’t been worked out by DFCS yet. An elder in our church came up to me and offered me a set of bunk beds. I asked him, “If you are not using them we would definitely take them off your hands for you.” To which he replied, “Well, our kids are using them now, but if you need them more we will figure something out.”

That is generosity that humbles me. The kind of generosity that gives of something we are using because someone else needs it more.

I give my time, money and stuff out of my abundance. But I rarely give the time, money, or stuff that I am currently using to someone who needs it more than me. I would like to exhibit that kind of generosity but I rarely do.

That is where I have landed on this so far. A few months ago I would have written about how I “should” give more. But I am not saying “should” anymore. The Holy Spirit is working in my heart in this area and I don’t know right now what that will look like. So for right now I will continue to give out of my abundance and keep and eye open for opportunities to practice giving even when it is a bit painful.


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