grace in the busy…

It has been quiet around this blog. There are many reasons, and no reasons. Mostly it has just been a really busy summer. There has been a lot going on for us personally as well as in our church community, add to that the lack of structure that is summer and we are running a bit ragged.

This week especially is looming busy and I can already feel the muscles in my shoulders tensing up. I am working 4 days a week for a few hours. We are going to have a baby here for respite care for 5 days. I start back volunteering on Thursday nights. I am planning our church VBS which is in 2 weeks. Aaron is the secretary for the pastoral search committee and is spending hours reviewing applicant resumes and listening to sermons.

I don’t always treat my family lovingly and graciously when we are busy. I tend to get caught up in the stuff that needs to be done and ignore my relationships. I let the messy house overwhelm me. I let the lack of structure stress me out. When I get tired I justify my lack of self-control and get snippy and easily frustrated.

So, here is my goal this week. In the midst of all the busy to still show grace.

A wise, mature mother of 7 was sharing with me the other day that when her kids were all little and life seemed so hectic she would breathe deep and say, “This is when the gospel matters most.” When all her kids were fighting and the house was a mess and she was exhausted, “This is when the gospel matters most. This is when grace in action really matters.” That has stuck with me.

Yesterday I thought we had plenty of time to get to church. I had responsibilities in the morning service and needed to be there by a certain time. But at the last minute we got held up with one boy who needed to change his shirt. I thought we were ready to head out the door but the minutes were ticking by as he was trying to button up the shirt.  I lost my cool. I yelled and berated and stomped us out the door preaching about punctuality and thoughtfulness. We got to church flustered and grumpy. I had the opportunity to show grace and love and I blew it. I got us to church on time, but the price was high.

This week will get hectic. This week will be tiring. This week will not be structured the way I like.

With God’s help I will show grace. When it matters most.



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