looking back, looking ahead

Here is my Facebook post from a few days ago as I pondered the end of 2013:

honestly, 2013 was a rough year for me and i am looking forward to a calmer 2014. but 2013 also taught me much about god’s love so i know i can rest in that no matter what 2014 brings. my mantra for the coming year: peaceful, present, purposeful.

That really sums it up for me.

And even though most people choose one word to define their year I have had those three words playing through my mind for a few weeks now. As they have played through my mind and became my daily prayer I have found them becoming more and more true. I have felt the Holy Spirit daily bringing me peace, allowing me to be present in the moment (no matter what the moment held), and showing me with renewed insight what my purpose and calling for the day was. And with that, joy came!

As the new year starts my desire is to keep those words foremost in my mind: peaceful, present, purposeful. My desire is that God would show me more and more what it means for those words to be true in my heart, life, and relationships with others.


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