Night time snow walk

night snow 002

Dear Sons,

Last night your mama did something a bit out of character. Even though I prefer comfort, warmth, and routine I couldn’t resist the magical call of the snow. All evening long the flakes were falling and by your bedtime the world outside was a winter wonderland. Suddenly I couldn’t resist it anymore, I just had to get outside. I just had to be part of the beauty and not simply an observer. But, it was your bedtime and we don’t usually mess with bedtime in this house. So I bundled up and headed out by myself. I admit I was at first a bit giddy at the silence and solitude. After a few days of all of us being snowed in together it was a wonder to be alone in such an empty, soundless, beautiful world. The flakes were falling wet and fast. Tree branches stretched gnarled and skeletal, dark forms made more visible by their ethereal white cover. The only sounds were the crunch of my feet and the occasional drifting muffled voices. Trees loomed ghostly and gorgeous on both sides of the road.

night snow 004
It was beauty that needed to be shared. I was so filled with wonder and amazement that I didn’t want to be alone anymore. I wanted to share it with you. I practically ran up the driveway to come and get you, even though it was past your bedtime.

night snow 007
We threw caution to the wind and didn’t even bundle up that much. We pulled on jackets and boots over pj’s and a quick hat on the head. Jeremiah, your legs were skinny in your too-small pj’s and your cowboy boots clunked loud. We took a magical walk through a Narnia-like world. If we squinted just right we swore we could see Mr. Tumnus dancing through the trees. Jeremiah you traipsed loud, sloshed through slushy puddles, and even kicked your boot off as you kicked at fallen branches. Nathaniel, you held my hand and kept up a continuous hushed commentary about what you saw and what you imagined (2 Fauns and 3 Fauns caves were we might possibly stop for some tea).

night snow 014
We turned toward home and used our very own lamppost to guide our way. I was so filled with joy. Thankful that I had followed my urge to go outside. Loving sharing this snowglobe perfect moment with you both. Tucking this memory away in my heart. And as we walked, taking it all in with awe, Nathaniel, you took my hand and whispered, “Mama, I think Aslan is on the move.”

You know what boys, He is. He always is.


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