A Challenge For Myself

This has happened every summer since Aaron became a teacher. You think I would know the drill and prepare for it better by now but somehow it takes me by surprise every time. We make a mad dash to the finish line of our home school year. We anticipate summer and all.the.fun.things. We spend the first week of summer in a whirlwind of sunscreen, swim suits, take-out meals, late nights, and early mornings. By the end of the week the house is a wreck. I am sleep deprived, which leads to frustration and lack of self control. By the end of the week I am a grumbling, complaining, snapping mess.


I dragged through Sunday (which is usually my favorite day of the week) feeling completely drained and like I just didn’t have any energy left. I don’t like it when I get to that point. I am a social introvert, which means that I enjoy being around people but I get my energy from spending time alone. I have learned enough about myself to know that I had done this to myself by completely over scheduling us and by last night I knew that I needed to re-evaluate what had happened last week and see how to prevent this burnout as the summer progresses.

I know what I need to do about scheduling: Just Say No! But I really wanted to do something about my relationship with my boys. I had spent the past week griping at them, bossing them around, and generally being frustrated with them. Not cool. I read some Ann Voskamp to refresh my memory and felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to write:

I will enter fully into a moment with my kids at least once a day this week. I want to take time to notice, to enjoy, to savor, to build relationship, to discover joy and not just exhaustedly survive. Open my eyes, Lord.

That is my challenge for myself this week. And my prayer. To notice and then to document the moments that I take. I doing so I hope to rediscover joy in and relationship with my children again.