31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writing (to get the writing groove back)

31 Days Button 2

I like to write. In the past I have enjoyed blogging. But lately I have been stuck. There are so many blogs. So many people saying really good things. I sit in front of my computer screen and watch the cursor blink and wonder what I could possibly have to say. I will start a new post but get lost in the details. Or feel it is not good enough. So I never hit “post” and my folder fills up with unfinished drafts.

During the month of October hundreds of bloggers participate in 31 Day – A Writing Challenge, where they challenge themselves to post something every day in the month of October. I have read many of the posts and series in the past but have just felt too overwhelmed to participate. This year I discovered that one of my favorite writing challenges, 5 Minute Friday, is hosting a 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. That, I believe, I can do.

So here I go, every day in October I will set aside 5 minutes to free write. Each day has a prompt. Some days I will write in the early morning hours with my cup of coffee nearby and the house quiet. Some days I will grab five minutes in the midst of the normal chaos of our days. Some days I will pull out five minutes before I head to bed. I will free write whatever comes into my head. I won’t worry about editing. I won’t worry about being perfect. I will write for five minutes and then hit post. Maybe the daily writing will inspire me. Maybe it won’t. But I need to show up and try.

In case you are interested in following any other 31 Days bloggers here is the link to the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes site and here is the link to the official Write 31 Days site.