Family (Day 2)

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Day 2 of 31 Days of 5 Minutes of Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Family


I am beyond grateful and thankful for the family I have been given. I grew up in a wonderful family with parents who loved me and nurtured me and showed me the world. I have two brothers who have become my friends. I grew up with a network of grandparents and cousins and have so many warm memories of gathering and laughter. I have in-laws who welcomed me with enthusiasm and warmth. I have sisters-in-law who have become the sisters I never had growing up. I have two nieces and a nephew who I love passionately. I have never once felt unloved or unwanted.

I have other family too. Growing up in a missionary community teaches you that family is not exclusive. Family is whoever is around to be part of your life at the time. Bonds go beyond blood and are formed by common experiences and necessity. I had a parade of “uncles” and “aunts”  who cared for me and so many brothers and sisters in the other missionary children that I was never lonely.

There were times I was very lonely. Times when I was away from my family and forging my own life in a new and strange place. In those times God provided new family. People who took me into their lives and fed me physically and spiritually. People who helped me find my way.

Now I have a family of my own. I have a solid man who grounds me. I have two energetic, beautiful boys. I don’t want my family to be exclusive. I want our arms and our doors to be open and inviting. I want our home to be a place of warmth and gathering.

I am surrounded by another family, this church family that I have been a part of for something like 19 years now. This church family is no simple cliche. It is a group of people committed to loving, to speaking truth, to going deep, to sharing life, to showing up when things are tough and celebrating when things are good. We have laughed and wept together. I have women who are sisters to me in the very deepest and truest sense of the word. I get great joy from loving on the many children as if they were my own. There is such security in being part of this family.

What a rich life I have! What gifts I have been given!



2 responses

  1. Your post oozes love. And gratitude. And you can’t really go wrong when you live consciously with both love and gratitude. Very much enjoyed your post. Thanks. Helen {A FMF friend}

  2. Perfectly written, perfectly said. I, too, came from a wonderful, loving family. My husband, on the other hand, not so much. Thankfully, we subscribe to multiple definitions of ‘family’, so he feels loved and included. I think it’s one of Christ’s ultimate messages – we are loved and included as children of God. I am blessed to be your neighbor at FMF today.

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