Home (Day 5)


Day 5 of 31 Days of 5 Minutes of Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Home


Home is a complicated word for me. I have had many homes. I feel like I have no home. It is a common issue for Third Culture Kids (TCKs). I am able to fit in many places. I don’t really fit in any place. I don’t call any one particular nation, state, or even city, home.

I have lived in exotic places and heard the lilt of foreign languages. Yet for a decade and a half I have stayed put in a place the often feels decidedly un-exotic. My boys would probably call it home, and yet I still don’t. That feels strange to me every single day.

Today, home is a basic ranch house with a picket fence and honey hardwood floors that warm in the sun. I love this house, it welcomes me. It feels comfortable and cozy. For some reason this home is easy to invite people into, even though it isn’t perfect and would never make in onto a HGTV show as a good house for “entertaining.” There is a long running list of projects that would make this house “ideal” but most of them have remained undone even though we have lived here for 6 years. It has a quirky, rambling floor plan. I love the way the evening light filters through the trees in the back yard. In this house we feel sheltered at the end of the day, safe, together, able to rest – and I guess that is what home should be.



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