Possible (Day 6)

31 Days Button 2

Day 6 of 31 Days of 5 Minutes of Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Possible


Hi Friend,

I see you there feeling tired and worn out. You are weary thinking of the mountain in front of you, whether that is a mountain of laundry or a mountain of paperwork or a mountain of time between now and nap time. You have heard the phrase, “With God all things are possible.” But it makes you want to stamp your feet, if you had the energy, because nothing feels possible right now.

Right now you do not feel like it is possible to wake up one more time in the middle of the night to feed and rock the baby, or to respond to your kids with patience instead of anger, or to show love and respect to your husband when you feel like he is ignoring you. Right now you do not feel like it is possible to forgive a friend who has hurt your feelings, or to stop feeling lonely. Right now you do not feel like it is possible to spend time reading your Bible or praying because it doesn’t seem even remotely possible to get one minute of peace and quiet. Right now you do not feel like it is possible to prepare one more meal, or fold one more load of laundry, or pick up one more toy off the floor. Right now you do not feel like it is possible to feel joy.

I know the feeling. I have battled with the “shoulds” and the “ought to’s” and failed miserably.

I am here to tell you friend, that all of those things that you feel aren’t possible are possible. But not if you try to do them by yourself. You can only muscle your way through for so long before you fall apart. I know this because I have tried. I battled my anger toward my children and my resentment toward my husband and only felt defeated. I battled my loneliness and lack of joy and only felt more tired and drained and guilty. The only way that the impossible becomes possible is when you surrender your own work and invite the Holy Spirit to change your heart. Without the Holy Spirit it will be impossible to change your heart to one that is patient, kind, thoughtful, loving. Only the Holy Spirit can change the heart of the person you are having difficulty loving.

I realize this sounds like a spiritual cliche but it is in fact hard and holy work. So I invite you to rest. I invite you to feel how much you are loved, not matter how bad or good your day has been. I invite you to stop the battle of trying to achieve the impossible and feel the joy of watching God do the impossible for you.


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