Ready (Day 10)



Day 10 of 31 Days of 5 Minutes of Free Writing.

Today’s Prompt: Ready


Are we ready? I don’t know. We have made more trips to Walmart in the past week than in the past month. We have printed lists and argued about the necessities. I feel like I am bringing everything in the whole house in order to camp for two days. We have packed more junk food than is good for us.

We are heading out on our first family camping trip. The boys are beyond excited. The have prepped their fishing gear and packed their “personal bags” with books and notebooks and packs of cards. They have big plans for gathering firewood and catching fish and hiking through the woods.

Last night we checked the weather and it looks like there may be some rain. So I grabbed some extra supplies and had to repack the van. I am pretty proud of myself for fitting everything in. If it rains we will make the best of it and be cozy in our tent playing games and reading books.

Are we ready? I don’t know. I have hopes for a fun, relaxing, refreshing weekend. We are going with family so it will be memory making regardless of what happens.

Bring it on.



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