15 Years



Fifteen years ago today I woke with expectation. Everyone who was staying in my apartment was still sleeping as I downed a bowl of cereal and headed out to my early morning appointment with my hair dresser. It was my wedding day!

I met Aaron when I was junior in college and he was a junior in high school. I was attracted to his maturity, his humor, his wisdom, his confidence, his calm, his compassion. There was definitely something different about him. Not to mention he played basketball and had pretty amazing arms. By the beginning of senior year we were dating and when I graduated from college I decided to stay in the south in order to be with him. After three seemingly endless years of waiting we were finally married.

It was a simple, inexpensive wedding in the days before Pinterest and social media. We didn’t have much money and my family was oversees while I was doing the planning so we were just kind of winging it. We were married in the church where we met, surrounded by the people who knew us and loved us. There was much laughter. It was a glorious fall day.

On the surface we are a strange match. In fact, there were some people who voiced concern when we started dating. But God knew. He knew that we were a perfect fit for each other. He knew that the things that were opposite in us would round each other out. He knew that we needed to challenge each other. He knew the things in each of us that were needed to smooth out the rough edges in the other.

I am not an easy person to be married to. I am stubborn and selfish. I can be demanding. But last night as we were going to sleep this man of mine looked at me and told me that he married me because I had a big heart. Because I laughed at his jokes. He wanted to marry me because I was smart and I wanted to do the right thing with my life. I love that he sees good in me. He has always been my safe place.

There have been challenges in the past 15 years but in general life has been good. Through the challenges we have learned to become a team. There is joy in learning together and working together. Life isn’t perfect but it is rich and full.

We don’t have any elaborate plans to celebrate today. We got to go to Ireland last year and counted that as our celebratory trip. Today we will work and then share dinner with our two amazing children. We will pull out our wedding picture album and share our memories of that day 15 years ago with the boys. We will take our children to their Wednesday night program at the church where we feel loved and known. We will enjoy the simple moments. Tonight we will hold onto each other and sleep peacefully next to each other. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


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