Fly (Day 14)


My boys on our final trip to the Netherlands in the summer of 2010. These monkeys did a lot of world traveling in their first few years of life. 

Day 14 of 31 Days of 5 Minutes of Free Writing.

Today’s Prompt: Fly


I feel at home in an airport. I love the bustle of people all with different places to go. There is a sense of excitement and adventure. Expensively dressed business people briskly tapping down the hall, families with strollers and kids and all the paraphernalia, couples holding hands. I play a game where I try to guess where someone is from based on what they look like and how they are speaking.

I feel at home in an airplane. The smiles of the flight attendants as they efficiently go about their work. I like the forced time to read or journal or watch mindless TV. The view from the little oval windows never gets old, even when it is a sea of endless clouds. I love the feel of take-off – the rush, the push of lift-off, and then the freedom of being airborne. Take-off usually comes with feeling of excitement of a new adventure or the sadness of leaving loved ones behind. Landing always comes with relief, joy, anticipation of hugs at baggage claim.

Airports hold many memories for me. Some are happy and some are sad. I have said many hello’s and many goodbyes. It is just part of my life, this always having someone to miss. It keeps me from being too attached to any one place or thing. It reminds me that this world that can feel so permanent is in fact a place I am passing through on my way to eternity.



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