Offer (Day 17)

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Day 17 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Offer


I usually always have an opinion to offer in any given situation. I am a problem solver. I can be bossy and quick to speak. If there is a pause in the conversation I will jump in with my thoughts. This is definitely a strength. I don’t like to waffle, I like to get things done, I can spot a problem and immediately my brain starts starts coming up with solutions.

It is not a strength when I bulldoze over other people. It isn’t kind or loving when I forget that others have something to offer as well, even if something isn’t done the way that I would do it.

As I mature I am becoming a better listener. I am becoming better at letting the pause in the conversation linger so that others have time to offer their thoughts. I have become a master of delegating tasks to others.

I am learning to offer my strengths of leadership and problem-solving as a way to encourage others to offer their strengths and gifts as well.


I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge. Click here to see all posts in this series.


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