Joy (Day 23)


Day 23 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Joy


I was asked recently what were things I do that would bring me joy.

And I had no answer.

What do I do that brings me joy? What things make me feel like I am fulfilling the nature of who God called me to be? I have spent a lot of time thinking about that lately.

Some of the circles that I have been in and studied in made joy sound like something to be avoided. To pursue joy was to be selfish and self serving. It was kind of a Puritan mindset that the more miserable you were the more godly you were.

Yet the Bible talks about joy. There are so many references to shouts of joy, songs of joy, joy coming after sorrow, the joy of the Lord, joy among Gods people, joy in His presence. Joy is created by God and we were created to feel joy in our deepest being.

I don’t know. I am still trying to answer the original question. I am coming out of the most physically intense stages of parenting. The fog of sleepless nights and constantly meeting physical needs is starting to recede. I am beginning the process of finding out who this new “Sarah” is. I have time to discover again what brings me joy apart from the parenting of my children.

Today I found joy in lacing up my running shoes and pounding out some miles around the track. No one is more astonished than me that running brings me joy.

Who knows what else I will discover about myself?


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One response

  1. I am sure that parentling your children brings about a certain joy too – the delight at seeing a new skill learned, the wonder at a young life that can change your life so much, the pleasure of feeling those small arms around you. Sometimes we forget those moments when the fatigue drags us down.
    (visiting from FMF)

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