Sea (Day 29)

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Day 29 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing

Today’s Prompt: Sea


The morning started rough. Everyone seemed irritated and off balance. We were running a bit behind schedule. I was feeling a bit grumbly as I did my usual post-breakfast clean up run through the house: pick up stray toys, make sure the boys have put away tooth brushes and picked up pj’s, wipe down the dining room table, determine whether the floor needs to be swept, open curtains and blinds to let in the light.

As I looked out the windows I was knocked breathless by the wonder. A sea of bright light is setting the autumn trees a blaze. Against the dark shadows that lurk in the trees the red and yellow leaves are shining like gold. The very air shimmers. The color shines more brilliant because of the darkness that surrounds it. Everything flames with glory.

What can I do but stand and take it all in?

I call the boys and together we stand on our front step, dazzled.

The moment slips by as the sun crosses the tree line. We continue our day thankful for the glimpse of the flame of the divine in the grey sea of our ordinary moments.


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