Five Minute Friday: Safe

It’s Friday. I have a few things I am writing that are sitting in my drafts folder but I can’t seem to get a handle on them. So it’s a relief to have a time to set my timer and just write for five minutes.

This week’s prompt: Safe


As the sun rises I am safe and snug. My house is warm. My children sleep deep, tucked in their beds. My steady husband is driving country roads to work. I savor the still morning hours knowing that our day will unfold with the usual daily routine.

This safety and security is not something I deserve. It is a privilege. It is a gift. I have to fight feeling guilty for it, knowing that there are many today who do not have this calm peace of mind that I take for granted.

I can brood over world issues. I can become anxious thinking of all the problems in my community and the world. I worry that I am not doing enough. So I focus on what is in front of me for this day: holding my temper with my children, nurturing their spiritual selves as well as their physical selves, teaching them to think and question, broadening their minds and their view of the world and the people in it, showing them how to give and receive grace. I can create a home environment of safety and welcome and generosity. It seems small. But it’s what I have been given.


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