December Photo Project: Week 1

I decided at the last minute to jump in to another little challenge. Every December I have seen some of my friends participate in the December Photo Project. I loved seeing them post one picture a day in the month of December. So this year I decided to jump in. It’s a great way to challenge myself to see something new every day, and dabble a bit in photography, which has always interested me. And this year I have a smart-phone (yay!) so my pictures will be made with my phone. I am going to post the pictures here on a weekly basis.


Day 1 – Early morning reading time. Waking up early is never easy for me but those quiet early morning moments are becoming my favorite of the day.


Day 2 – My Japanese Maple flaming in afternoon light.


Day 3 – One of my favorite things about the Advent season is the extra time to snuggle by the twinkling lights and read special books. We add a book or two to our Christmas basket every year. There are lots of memories here.


Day 4 – I love seeing the morning sun pierce the trees and light up our dining room.


Day 5 – Nathaniel (in the red) running on ahead of me in his first race. It was a beautiful morning and a really fun run in our little town. It’s sure to become a family tradition.


Day 6 – My nightstand. Because I suddenly got sick and this has been my view for the afternoon. Sickness frustrates me but I am trying to rest.


Day 7 – My view this afternoon. There are piles of laundry, boxes of stuff that need to be organized, and so many things that need to get done which is frustrating when I have no energy. But the sun is shining, and my husband took the day off of work so I can rest so I am trying to see the good in that.

See you next week for more December Photo Project pics!

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